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We believe Artists need community to thrive. We don't just believe it, we've seen it working.

When artists have an opportunity to come together to support one another and learn from one another, we all gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what our purpose is.

We want to see artists thrive and be full of purpose to really transform this city through our art. So we are building communities for Artists in 2 ways.




Visual Art is a really broad genre. We have painters, scultures, graphic designers, digital artists, photographers, installation artists and would love to include more.

We meet on zoom every 2 weeks and our gatherings are different each time.

We discuss art topics, study the bible's perpsective on art and artists, share personal experiences and critique each other's art works. All with a deisre to encourage one another and become better artists.

This group has also colloborated together to create our online Art Gallery



Since 2017 we have been hosting workshops on using movement in worship, prayer and intercession with Movement in Worship teams from the UK.

Since then a growing group of people have really developed a passion for using movement and dance to worship and pray.

This new community is a place for those with a heart to move and dance for God to gather, encourage one another, learn from eachother and share their experiences.

We have so much more to explore in this area. You don't need to be a dancer, just ready to use every part of your body to worship.

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