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Webinars are a great space for learning, sharing stories, hearing from each other as a community and bringing our questions. There are many professional artists, creatives as well as senior church leaders and theologians in our network. Artists and leaders from Mumbai and many other cities around the world.


We invite these people to come and share on current issues that we are facing in a creative format which helps us discuss and apply new ideas, thoughts and practices to enable us grow in our creativity and our understanding of our Creator.


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Exploring the creative calling of artists and churches in mission


•    What does beauty have to do with mission?
•    How is God calling artists to renew their cities?
•    Why are creative communities integral for the experience of gospel impact?

The session included video presentations on the topic, interactive discussions, guest presentations and post webinar informal Q&A with:

Roger Lowther - Musician, Composer, Author (Community Arts Tokyo)
Alex Tawde - Global Head of Production for iSanctuary
Prince Mulla - Musician, Composer, Worship Leader (Artists4Artists)

Beauty in Mission Flyer.png


Why is the experience of BEAUTY integral in our community worship?
How should we begin thinking about worship in our churches following the pandemic?
What makes artists and their creativity essential for the renewal of a community's worship?

The beauty of experiencing God catalyses worship and praise in God’s people

The session will include short talks, testimonies and a Q&A with a panel of Artists & Pastors:

  • Imli Imchen - Arts Catalyst, Theologian, Musician & Writer

  • Shannon Pinto - Pastor & Musician

  • Indhu Kotiyan - Communications Strategist & Dancer

  • Joe D’Souza - Painter, Sculptor & Pastor

  • Raju D’Silva - Songwriter, Worship Leader & Graphic Designer

  • Krishnendu Sen - Writer & Lawyer

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In this webinar we wanted to explore the question," What does it look like to hope together and why is community important at this time?"

We asked some artists a question: are you feeling hopeful?

here are a couple of their responses:


"My faith is un-hinged from my feelings. My feelings are desolate and dark.

My faith says: How does that matter?"


"Yes, I am always hopeful, even when things are tough. I believe that things

can be worse. So when things get difficult, I am grateful that its not something

worse and press forward."

Despite being stuck in what can feel like an endless sandstorm, we have Christ, ourselves and each other to lean on. We have HOPE.

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