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We want to keep creativity and collboration at the heart of what we do. So we are always looking for opportunites to bring artists together to create something new.


As this movement grows, we hope to support many new productions be that theatre, film, documentary, music. Our hope is that this spirit of collaboration will inspire many to create art that is meaningful and impactful to see our city transformed.


Written & Directed by Etienne Coutinho

The Fisherman is a monologue performed by Errol Peter Marks, a Mubaikar, actor, producer, director, writer and pastor at One Nation Church. This piece was written and directed by Etienne Coutinho after seeing a vision of Mumbai.

Editing - Dishkyao Entertainment

Camera - Vivek Chandeliya, Kunal Pathrol

Sound Recording - Sonu Thapa

Costume Design - Avesh Dadlani

Production - Suraj Jaisingh

Assistant Producer - Jeremy Coutinho

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