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15th & 16th April 2022
St Stephen's Steps, Mount Mary, Bandra

The summer season in Mumbai is full of new life. Trees burst into flower, birds are making new families, fruits are growing and ripening. As we watch this new life unfurl this year, perhaps you also feel like you are bursting into life along with the city.


After a long two years of restrictions, pain, uncertainty and grieving, we are in a season of New Life. In line with this special season, we chose this theme for our artists to interpret and reflect on what new life means to them. Each of the artists have brought a unique and thought provoking take on the theme. We hope you find the art works meaningful, inspirational, challenging and uplifting.


We invite you to express your own thoughts on this theme of New Life through our creative interaction stations. What does new life mean to you in this season?


Friday 15th April & Saturday 16th April

4pm - 8pm


St Stephen's Steps

Mount Mary, Bandra


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This Art Gallery is a collaboration between 3 groups:

Avatar Church, The Arts Collective Mumbai and The Steps Bandra

Avatar Church are a community who have been based in Bandra for many years and are always looking for creative ways to connect with and bless the local community. Be that their annual Christmas Mela, Blood Drives, Community Bazaars and for the last 8 years, the Easter Art Gallery.


The Arts Collective Mumbai is a group of artists who want to understand their purpose and calling in creativity. We aim to use our creative gifts and talents to make this city a better place through building communities for like-minded artists to encourage one another and by creating platforms for art and artists to make a positive impact in the city.


The Steps Bandra have been running an Arts event called Festival at the Steps since 2019. The festival was held to activate the public space of St Stephen‘s Steps after its redesign was completed, and use it to bring the community together, through the arts. The Steps have become a melting pot where people irrespective of their socio-economic, religious or political background come together under a common denominator; the power of community, and the arts to transform lives.

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