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Welcome to the BEACONS OF LIGHT Art Gallery

In this age of growing darkness all around us, whether it be the the affects of global warming, the impact of the pandemic, the injustices of our world being laid bare in social media, there is a need more than ever for light to shine through. The “Beacons of Light” Art Gallery is inspired from that need.


Daniel Luis

Darkness, void, hopelessness, nothingness. And then, stabs of light, piercing the darkness, bringing meaning to the void, with nourishment and hope. A burst of living green. Light triumphs over darkness… Life over death.

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Vivek Chandeliya

Breathing normally has felt like a luxury in the last 4 months. This artwork symbolises the longing to breathe as it was intended from day 1 on earth:
without filters, without fear but with fullness.

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Etienne Coutinho

But my hands, they feel the pigments, knife, pallet and solvent and scratchings on walls …and then, words like flashes, 

The word, of hope, takes flesh and form, yielding sight.

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Hope Diary by Etienne Coutinho.JPG


Jeremy Kuruthukulangara

"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." This piece depicts the consequences of not losing hope in the midst of ever-present darkness. We cannot illuminate others with hope without letting the light shine on us and overpower us. 

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Joseph D'Souza

Started with Fear. 170 + Countries affected. First time for everyone. Chaos everywhere. COVID-19 barged into 2020. Deaths... +... Hunger... Mumbai's lifeline closed... Shut... Shut... Shutdown! Harvest of negativity opened up n Blossomed... media had a great hand... migrants crossed all the borders n records... Amidst this gloomy black cloud hovering over Mumbai. I have tried to catch the heartbeats frame by frame... you can be one with it as watching n you'll see a ray of hope piercing the darkness n leading toward the source of all lights... out of this comes Quality time at home...Birthing of new season... New skills emerged... Transformation is in the capsule... Peace is on high!
LOCKDOWN is cracked... which side is your heart beating?

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