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A Redemption Story

Shadow and light are not only integral parts of any visual art work - we could not see the shape or form of any object without the shadowy edges defined by the light source - they are also integral parts of our human nature.

We can feel our shadow side within us as we struggle towards selfless actions. We can see the glare of the darkest shadows in our city when light illuminates the unseen, dark places. We experience shadow and light in every friendship, workplace, news article and environmental crisis.

We invite you to explore the shadows within us, in our relationships, in our city and even in our connection with our creator. We invite you to explore the influence of the light, the revelation of the light and the redemptive, restorative power of the light.


Friday 2nd April & Saturday 3rd April

11am - 6pm


Oikos Center

Behind Two Star Hotel, Kalina




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